Basics of Rubber Compression Molding Tools

rubber compression molding basics

Compression molding is an excellent, cost-effective manufacturing method for making a variety of rubber products. But, as of right now, to get professional rubber products that meet specific requirements, visually, dimensionally, and performance-wise, then you need to understand the backbone of the molding operations... tooling.

In this post, we go over the basics of a compression molding tool for rubber components, how they're made, and what makes a tool more efficient

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Future of Electric Vehicles: Sustainable Plastics

sustainable plastics

In this post, we cover two forms of sustainable plastics that automotive manufacturers are using or should be highly considering over the course of the next few years: Plastics used on the finished vehicle and bioplastics used for shipment protection.

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Injection Molding Basics: Common Surface Defects

injection molding defects

Have you ever looked at a plastic part and seen some sort of surface defect that didn't look good? In this post we take you throughmost common injection-molded surface defects and the possible sources that are causing them.

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Automotive Plastics: Effects of Moisture on Nylon

nylon mositure conditioning

Automotive injection molding components require a vast array of knowledge in order to make parts that hit tight tolerances and pass strict testing requirements.  The main elements that we focus on are typically the product design, material, tooling, and manufacturing.  But what can easily be overlooked is how some materials react to their environment after the part is molded.

In this post, we will specifically focus on Nylon (popular thermoplastic material used in a variety of automotive applications), moisture conditioning methods, design elements to focus on, and some of the basics of moisture conditioning in general.

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Powder Coat Masking FAQs

Powder Coat Masking FAQs

Powder coating is a high-temperature coating process that requires specialized materials and equipment. Because of this, we get a ton of questions from not only new powder coating lines but also some of the most well-known brands that have the most advanced paint lines we've ever seen. So, we've created this new list of frequently asked masking questions below to help you out. The goal here is to answer the questions you may have. 

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Innovating Panel Plugs for the Future of EVs

EV rubber plugs manufacturer

Over the past few years, there has been a massive rise in demand for electric vehicles. With this massive shift towards a completely new vehicle type came the necessity to innovate.  What you may not know or ever see was the need to innovate the small things. In this post, we'll take you through what we at Echo have done to help EV manufacturers completely rethink panel plugs, from material and design, all the way to rapid prototyping and testing.

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Advanced Masking: Understanding Platinum Cured vs. Peroxide Cured Silicone

platinum versus peroxide cured silicone

This post was created to explain what you and your masking solutions provider (like Echo Engineering), need to know when determining what silicone to go with for your masking application. To do that, let evaluate the pros, cons, and when specifically you should choose either one

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