Injection Molding Pricing: Domestic vs. Offshore vs. Hybrid

Injection molding pricing domestic vs offshore

When considering injection molding, manufacturers have two primary options: domestic and international production. In this blog post, we'll provide an in-depth comparison of domestic and international injection molding pricing, as well as a hybrid model, to give you valuable insights to help you make a more informed decision on your next project.

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Basics of Thermoplastics

basics of thermoplastics

In this post, we take you through the basics of thermoplastics, including the different groups, classes, and types of thermoplastics that are used to make products such as water bottles, clips, plugs, and so much more.

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Injection Molding Basics: Common Surface Defects

injection molding defects

Have you ever looked at a plastic part and seen some sort of surface defect that didn't look good? In this post we take you throughmost common injection-molded surface defects and the possible sources that are causing them.

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Automotive Plastics: Effects of Moisture on Nylon

nylon mositure conditioning

Automotive injection molding components require a vast array of knowledge in order to make parts that hit tight tolerances and pass strict testing requirements.  The main elements that we focus on are typically the product design, material, tooling, and manufacturing.  But what can easily be overlooked is how some materials react to their environment after the part is molded.

In this post, we will specifically focus on Nylon (popular thermoplastic material used in a variety of automotive applications), moisture conditioning methods, design elements to focus on, and some of the basics of moisture conditioning in general.

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The Engineering & Manufacturing Complexities of Injection Molding Automotive Barbed Hose Connectors

Manufacturing barbed hose connectors

The burden of fluid connector part design and design for manufacturability has shifted from the OEM to the tier-1 supplier and their injection molding partner.  Throughout this post, we’ll discuss what makes an injection-molded barbed connector technically complex, critical design elements that need to be factored in, and the molding expertise required to deliver a stable and repeatable part.

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Injection Molding Basics: Hot Runner Systems

Injection Molding Basics: Hot Runner Systems

In this post, we'll be covering the basics of hot runner systems, a form of injection molding that has grown in popularity and usage over the years due to its key advantages over traditional cold runner systems.  You'll learn what a hot runner system is, the different types, and the advantages & disadvantages of choosing this form of injection molding.

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Basics of Plastic Injection Molding

Basics of plastic injection molding

Whether you're new to plastics, trying to source your next project, or an engineer, in order to fully grasp injection molding, you must first understand the basics of how it all works. In this post, we're going to attempt to make it as simple as possible to help you learn what all goes into molding plastic parts.

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