Plating Tapes - Choosing The Right One

Tapes to use during Plating Process

Plating Tapes

Choosing the right tape to use can be difficult. Each tape has characteristics that make it unique and suitable for different processes ranging from powder coating to plating to decorative uses. Depending on the application, one tape may work better for you than another. Here, we break down the different tapes used for plating.

In this list, we have recommended multiple tapes and have described their abilities, so you can choose the one that most closely fits your needs and wants.

So, if you're preparing to plate something and you require an effective masking tape, here is what we recommend:

Adhesive Vinyl Tape

Adhesive vinyl is excellent for most plating purposes. The added thickness and adhesive provides a very effective vapor and moisture barrier.

Vinyl tape for platingVinyl tape for plating

Red Poly Plating Tape

Red poly plating tape is perfect for plating purposes. It has double-adhesive used to reduce undercutting and leaks. It’s great for masking of printed wiring boards during solder stripping and precious metal plating of fingers.

Red Poly Plating TapeRed Poly Plating Tape

Lead Foil Tape

Lead foil tape is great when dealing with harsher chemicals. It has an electromagnetic and radiofrequency shield and adheres and conforms well to irregular surfaces, indoors and out.

Lead foil tape for platingLead foil tape for plating

Aluminum Foil Tape

Aluminum foil tape also works extremely well when dealing with harsher chemicals. It provides waterproofing and air leakage protection. It adheres and conforms well to irregular surfaces.

Aluminum Foil Tape for platingAluminum Foil Tape for plating

Green Poly Tape

Green poly tape is a go-to for plating. One of the most popular, this tape is a general-purpose plating solution.

Green Poly tape for platingGreen Poly tape for plating

Non-Adhesive Vinyl Tape

Non-adhesive vinyl tape is a strong alternative to adhesive vinyl tape. This tape overlaps to create a liquid-tight seal around racks and parts, is easy to place and remove and no residue is left behind.

vinyl tape for platingvinyl tape for plating


Again, each of these tapes has unique characteristics, and not all of them will fit your specific plating needs. We are here to ensure you receive the best products for a successful, efficient plating process.

If you still would like more guidance in determining which tape works for your plating needs, our technical experts are always available to help find the perfect solution. Head over to our Contact Us page and send us a message!