Which Tapes To Use During Powder Coating

Recommended Tapes to use During Powder Coating

Powder Coating Tapes

Having trouble knowing which masking tapes to use during your powder coating process? Sometimes, the hardest part of this process is understanding which masking tape works best for you and meets the specific requirements that your component demands.

We have compiled a list of recommended tapes to use during your powder coating process – each including their own strengths:

Green Poly Tape

(Most Common) Green polyester tape is the industry standard (and favorite) for general-purpose powder coating applications

Temperature Rating : 400 F / 204 C

Thickness : 3.5 mils

Powder Coating TapePowder Coating Tape

Glass Cloth Tape

Glass cloth tape is made of woven fiberglass backing coated with silicone adhesive, making it flame retardant and great for thicker coat and high heat applications.

Temperature Rating : 500 F/ 260 C

Thickness : 7.2 mils

Glass cloth powder coating tapeGlass cloth powder coating tape

Blue Poly Tape

Blue polyester tape is best for use on uneven and curved surfaces; widely used powder coating tape; ideal for masking of materials subjected to high temperatures

Temperature Rating : 400 F/ 204 C

Thickness : 2.5 mils

thinner poly tape for powder coatingthinner poly tape for powder coating

Rusty Red Poly Tape

Rusty red polyester tape is made with a good adhesive alternative where the high heat properties of polyimide or glass cloth are unnecessary; economical choice for temperature resistance requirement greater than green polyester tape

Temperature Rating : 425 F/ 218 C

Thickness : 3.8 mils

Rusty red high temp powder coating tapeRusty red high temp powder coating tape

Polyimide Tape

Polyimide tape can be used for extended high temperature paint cures, baking between plating cycles, masking on PC; removes cleanly, does not leave residue

Temperature Rating : 500 F/ 260 C

Thickness : 2.5 mils, 3 mils

Polyimide tape rated to 500F for powder coatingPolyimide tape rated to 500F for powder coating


We realize that each powder coating process may be different and can be very difficult without the proper tools in place. We want to guide you in creating a dependable and efficient process that you can scale and replicate – starting with using the most efficient masking tape for your component.

If you're still not sure which tape is best for you, don't worry – we have a team of technical experts ready to partner with you in finding the best solution to fit your specific needs.

Head over to our Contact Us page now to let us know!

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