Metal Finishing Masking Experts

Masking for Metal Finishing Process

Echo Engineering specializes in masking solutions used during all types of metal finishing processes, including: Powder Coating, E-Coating, Plating, and Anodizing.

Our team of engineers is highly experienced in providing catalog and custom solutions for some of the most common and challenging masking issues our customers encounter.

Powder Coating Masking Solutions

Powder Coating require masking solutions with high temperature resistance (over 400F).  Echo specializes in silicone caps, plugs, and a variety of different tapes and die-cuts used during some of the most extreme powder coating processes.

If one of our catalog options doesn't work or you're looking for a more effective way to mask your components, our team of design engineers will work with you to design and develop a custom masking solution that will solve your problem.

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E-Coating Masking Solutions

E-Coating can involve some very complex masking problems due to parts being submerged resulting in leakage, pressure build up resulting plug blowouts, and high temperature applications requireing heat resistant masking solutions.

Echo has made it's name within e-coating by designing and engineering products that have help our customers overcome these complex obstacles.  Whether it's vented plugs designed to let pressure out, and keep liquids from leaking in or expandle plugs used on shock tubes to keep e-coat out, our team has engineered some of the most complex, successful masking solutions used today.

Plating Masking Solutions

Masking during plating processes is all about creating a tight seal to prevent leakage with chemically resistant caps, plugs, tapes & die-cuts.  EPDM Caps & Plugs are great options for plating due to their excellect chemical resistance and flexibility giving them the ability to conform to the area being masked, making an excellent seal.

Echo has 50+ years of experience with catalog and custom plating masking solutions, so if you're not able to find an option that works for your specific application, or you're looking to enhance your masking operations, our account managers and design engineers will work wiht you to produce a solution that will solve your problem!

Anodizing Masking PlugAnodizing Masking Plug

Anodizing Masking Solutions

Similar to masking during plating, Anodizing requires masking solutions that will produce a tight, effective seal.  Whether it's our Red Poly Plating Tape that has extra adhesive proving a better seal, or our EPDM caps & plugs, Echo is sure to find you the best masking solution for you Anodizing process!