Adhesive Solutions

Echo Engineering is highly experienced in adhesive solutions used in industrial masking solutions.  There are three main types of adhesive materials that Echo typically works with: silicone, rubber, and acrylic.

Silicone Adhesives

Silicone adhesives have the highest temperature rating (400F-500F) when combined with a high-temperature backing, such as polyester or polyimide. Silicone adhesive is very easy to apply and removes cleanly when used under the correct conditions, leaving no residue on the part. It is the most common adhesive for our high-temperature performance tapes. This adhesive is at full strength the moment it is applied.

Rubber Adhesives

This is the lowest temperature rated adhesive, in regards to adhesives typically requested, with a max temperature rating of 325°F. This adhesive is commonly found on crepe and metallic backings. It provides a very high tack bond, which, although not as versatile, can be much stronger than silicone. As long as parts are not over baked, rubber adhesives typically have a very clean removal.

Acrylic Adhesives

Acrylic adhesive has a good temperature resistance withstanding temperatures of 325F. Acrylic adhesive's bond becomes stronger over time after it is first applied. Acrylics provide a long-term bond and are often used for permanent applications.

OEM Solutions

Outside of being used as the adhesive on aluminum foil tape, acrylic adhesives have made for a great addition to components used in the automotive industry to assist in adhering rubber components in place due to it's strengthening bond overtime.