Heavy Machinery - Masking Design & Engineering Expertise

Echo Engineering specializes in masking solutions used by the world's largest heavy machinery OEMs, Tier 1 manufacturers, and metal coating facilities. Echo has over 50 years of experience in masking during their most common metal finishing processes, including: Powder CoatingWet Paint, and E-Coating.

Our design engineers specialize in custom masking solutions used on heavy machinery frames, arms, attachments, engine components, wheels, brake calipers, and a variety of other components that need some form of masking.  Below are a few examples that highlight what we do.

Masking Sleeves for Bores

Masking bores requires a masking solution that effectively seals out e-coat and powder coat, while also offering the ability to be reused to lower costs.

Echo specializes in engineering custom masking sleeves for your specific applications by factor in a variety of different technical elements to ensure effectiviness, include: Sleeve thickness, durometer, silicone shrink rate, conductivity (for the cases where you'd want to hang a part by the sleeve), temperature resistance, and a handful of other factors that will play a significant factor towards whether or not the mask will work.

Weld Nut Masking Solutions

Weld nuts are common in the heavy machinery world. Echo offers a variety of different plugs used to mask off weld nuts' leading and exit threads, depending on if it's for a blind hole or through hole.

To learn more about the different ways to mask weld nuts and the different options we offer on our website, check out the link below.

Magnetic  Masking for Powder Coating

Our customers are always looking for better and FASTER ways of installing and removing their masking components. Over the past few years, Echo has made signficant innovations with magnetic insert masks used maining by our heavy machinery/agriculture equipment manufacturing customer base.

Magnetic masks replace the need for adhesive tapes, they're faster to install and remove, and they mask surfaces where you can't cap or plug.  The silicone absorbs a lot of the high temperture, but because magnets aren't the most heat resistant, we've designed most of our custom masking solutions to be insert versions, giving our customers the ability to replace magnets, and get more usages out of the silicone masks.