Nylon, a synthetic thermoplastic, is commonly used at Echo Engineering & Ammex Plastics for fastening and connecting applications. Nylon’s downside is that it has a relatively low impact strength, which is why it’s vital to combine with other materials (such as glass fibers) to improve its strength and have an understanding of the complexities of material flow and injection point(s).

Temperature Range: -90F to 185F

Recommended Uses: Used in parts requiring higher precision than HDPE, low friction and good UV & weather resistance. Commonly used to make automotive barbed connectors, jounce bumper assemblies, and fluid routing line clips & fasteners

Advantages: Good abrasion, heat resistance, impact resistance, and strength. Higher molding precision. Self-lubricating.

Limitations: Limited chemical resistance and temperature (specialty formulations can help)

Plastic Class: Thermoplastic (generally recyclable)

Echo's Nylon products and manufacturing capabilitiesEcho's Nylon products and manufacturing capabilities

Fastening Expertise

Echo Engineering and Ammex Plastics have been investing heavily with the automotive fastening market by developing a library of different designs, hiring plastics & process engineers, adding additional presses, and purchasing new testing and measuring devices.

The majority of automotive clips and fasteners are typically made with specialty formulated glass filled Nylon.

Connecting Expertise

Echo and Ammex Plastics have been designing and supplying hose connectors for 20 years.  We have shipped millions of components and run at a PPM rate of <2. 

Connectors are also typically made from a specialty formulated glass filled nylon, which requires high expertise knowledge of tooling and material flow when it comes to today's strict automotive standards.

Echo's Catalog Nylon Threaded Plugs

Echo Engineering's Wide Flanged Threaded Plugs are designed to protected UN standard threads with a wide flange to protect the surrounding area. Our plugs also feature rubber washer for when a tight, effective seal is required.