Barbed Hose Connectors

Engineering resources at automotive OEMs have shifted away from “classic” part design and toward strategic priorities, such as electrification.  As a result, the burden of part design and design for manufacturability is falling more and more to tier 1 and tier 2 suppliers.  It's critical to find an experienced ideation, design, development, and fulfillment partner that can take on these additional responsibilities.

Echo and its sister company Ammex have been designing and supplying hose connectors for 20 years.  We have shipped millions of components and run at a PPM rate of <2.  Our experience and technical expertise help to spot problematic designs early and deploy the best solution to shorten PPAP timelines and maximize part quality.

If getting your barbed hose connector done right is your primary driver, then make sure you reach out to Echo or our sister company Ammex for an up-front and in-depth design feasibility analysis.

Engineering Design Review

This is the most critical aspect for your project.  Our engineers will review with you your design’s wall thicknesses, sharp transitions, knife edges, tolerances & technical specs, gate locations, and materials in order to ensure we are able to manufacture the connectors to what you need.


Quality tool engineers can balance melt flow and reduce cycle times with hot runner systems, increase cooling capacity with copper cores and forced air flows, and produce precise round parts with out-of-round tools.

Depending on the part design, material flow, and residual stresses, sometimes it takes an out-of-round tool to produce precision round parts like fluid connectors.

automotive connector injection molderautomotive connector injection molder

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