Press Release: Echo Launches Rapid Silicone Prototyping

Echo Engineering Launches Proprietary Rapid Silicone Prototyping Technology

Echo Engineering has long been the leader in custom masking solutions. Today the company has released a new and proprietary rapid silicone prototyping technology.  This new technology enables the Echo team to partner with customers to understand their needs, create and design a solution, and provide functioning prototypes in a matter of days. The proprietary process results in near-production quality parts, formed in FDA-grade silicone, that can survive high-temperature thermal cycling during metal finishing processes, like powder coating.

“We are building a culture of innovation at Echo and our proprietary rapid silicone prototypes can dramatically reduce lead times and risk for customers,” states Kingdon Offenbacker, CEO of Echo.  “Custom solutions can take several weeks to produce and can cause additional stress when project scope changes or design tweaks are needed. Our proprietary rapid silicone prototypes share nearly 95% of the properties of production parts.  This can shorten the validation process to mere days, giving our customers peace of mind that production parts will meet their needs.”

The proprietary Echo process is best suited for parts up to 8”x8”, but larger sizes can be produced if needed. For more information, reach out to Echo Engineering at

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Published: December 12, 2019
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Author: Echo Supply
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