Echo Releases New Catalog

Indianapolis, Ind. – Echo releases a new catalog with updated product information, including a recent product addition of dust covers.

The new catalog details additional information on each part with recommendations of processes and application, as well as product features. Echo expanded product descriptions to help give customers a peace of mind when making decisions of which product to use for the given finishing process.

The Volume I catalog also features a recent product addition of dust covers. Echo’s dust covers are within the protection product family and offer coverage from dust or debris on large or irregular shapes for shipping or storage purposes.

The digital version of the catalog is available now for download, and hard copies are available by request via submitting a request online or calling the customer care team at 1.888.echo.365.

Echo Engineering, headquartered in Indianapolis, Ind. partners with customers to create and supply meaningful solutions for their most pressing connecting, fastening, NVH, and sealing challenges.

Published: May 7, 2019
Last Modified: May 7, 2019
Author: Echo Supply
Published By: Echo Supply, Inc.

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