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Echo Engineering specializes in a variety of interior automotive solutions to reduce noise, seal out moisture & exterior sounds, and secure components with our custom engineered fastening components

Top Automotive Interior Solutions

Interior Panel Butyl Patches

Echo is adept at improving NVH characteristics and lowering in-cabin acoustics. We also under the manufacturing assembly aspect as well. In 2019, Echo developed the EchoLoc™ Butyl Foil for a top EV manufacturer.  What makes this solution special is that:

  • The patches can be removed and repositioned within 5 minutes if they're misaligned on the assembly line without residue being left
  • They then lock into a permanent bond over the next hour
Electric Vehicle Butyl PatchesElectric Vehicle Butyl Patches

Custom Injection Molded Clips

After Echo's acquisition of Ammex Plastics (Monroe, MI) in 2018, Echo doubled down on its R&D within the automotive fastening & clip market. These investments have resulted in numerous new fastening projects used by tier-1s and by EV OEMs.

Over the past few years, Echo has developed a library of different fastening and clip designs to piece together the ideal end product for our customers' specific needs. We utilize customer system requirements to begin ideation then design, develop, simulate, test, and manufacture fasteners that meet or exceed difficult criteria.

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Connect with our team of pros!

We'd love to help you solve your company's biggest production challenges.

Let us know what project you're working on and how our team can help you create the best solution!

Enclosure Bumpers and Grommets

Developing rubber molded bumpers and grommets involves having a deep understanding of material selections and modifications, compression molding vs. injection molding, installation ergonomics, durability, testing, and a variety of other factors that go into developing an automotive component.

Body Panel Plugs - Noise Reduction & Improved Sealing

Echo’s engineers are skilled at designing panel plugs that minimize installation and removal forces without compromising the sealing and NVH capabilities of our panel plugs. Our panel plugs are also designed to work with a range of panel thicknesses – meaning fewer SKUs can cover a wider range of holes.

Our custom solutions allow us to create complex seal geometry that is way beyond a typical slot or hole. And don’t worry about panel flatness. We can design plugs to fit whatever geometry you have.

Automotive door seal manufacturerAutomotive door seal manufacturer

Top Automotive Interior MRO Solutions

E-Coat & Powder Coat Masking Experts

Before Echo got its start in OEM end products, like butyl patches and panel plugs, we got our start within the interiors segment by providing catalog and custom masking solutions for Tier-1 seat manufacturers and metal bracket fabricators.

These components are typically e-coated and/or powder coated, which requires tight seals and high-temperature resistant masking solutions.  Our engineering team is one of the most experienced in the industry at providing masking solutions that will effectively mask off threaded holes, mating surfaces, weld points, and a variety of other critical areas that must remain untouched.

Catalog Masking Solutions

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