Lawn & Garden

Masking Expertise: Powder Coating & E-Coating

Our team of masking experts works with some of the world's most well-known lawn & garden equipment manufacturers by providing custom and catalog masking solutions used during their pre-treatment and metal coating processes.

We've helped our customers become more efficient by replacing the need to install bolts or retap threads by providing solutions that mask threaded holes, prevent e-coat leakage, and keep paint of surfaces that need to be free of any coating. We also solve common problems, such as plugs and caps blowing off and powder build-up.

OEM Sealing Expertise

Our team of in-house engineers have helped redesign and optimize a variety of OEM rubber components used in sealing applications.

Examples of the types of lawn & garden components Echo has developed include:

  • Breather Tubes
  • Crank Case Gaskets
  • Bellows


Weld nuts are common in lawn and garden components. Echo offers a variety of different plugs used to mask off weld nuts' leading and exit threads, depending on if it's for a blind hole or through-hole.

To learn more about the different ways to mask weld nuts and the different options we offer on our website, check out the link below.