Quick Fixes: "My Green Poly Isn’t Making It Through My Curing Oven!"

A common question we hear from our customers is the following, "Why is my Green Poly mask not making it through my curing oven?" Customers go on to say that the tape might be crumbling on the sides, becoming hard and brittle, or the backing is completely delaminating from the silicone adhesive, causing the adhesive to stay on the component while the backing breaks off.

Source of the Problem

For the most part, green poly issues will come down to a temperature exposure-related source.  It's going to either be:

Oven Temperature

The silicone adhesive of the green poly is able to withstand heat up to 500ºF, but the backing only withstands heat up to 400ºF, therefore, this can cause the adhesive to separate from the green poly backing in all of these scenarios.

Hot Spots

Hot spots can be created in your oven, putting off a higher temperature in different places, which causes items to bake/curate unevenly.  This may result in adhesive issue with your masking tape.

Quick Fix Alternative Tapes

Powder coaters typically have 2 options if they're needing an alternative to the green poly. They can either switch to a custom molded mask or choose one of the alternative options below that have a higher temperature resistance:

Rusty Red Hi-Temp Poly Tape (425F)

  • Withstands a temperature up to 425ºF because of its thicker backing (3.5 mils)
  • Most cost-effective tape for this kind of issue
  • Good for long baking cycles
  • Removes cleanly — does not leave residue
high temperature tape for powdercoatinghigh temperature tape for powdercoating

Glass Cloth Tape (500F)

  • Withstands a temperature up to 500ºF
  • Recommended for thick coatings requiring extended high temp cure cycles
  • Excellent mechanical and electrical properties
  • Flame retardant and abrasion-resistant
  • Clean and easy removal
glass cloth masking tapeglass cloth masking tape

Polyimide Tape (500F)

  • Withstands a temperature up to 500ºF
  • Leaves cleaner masking line compared to glass cloth
  • Leaves no residue
polyimide masking tape for powder coatingpolyimide masking tape for powder coating


Any of the tapes listed above will be a great replacement for the green poly if you're having issues. It all just depends on which tape compliments your product features in the best way. But, each tape will ensure that your product will be evenly masked and will withstand the heating process efficiently.

We don't want you wasting your time and energy on a failing process. Our desire is to keep you educated and informed, at all times, about common questions and issues you may face.

Please Contact Us if you need any more advice about these issues. We are happy to help!

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