Advanced Masking: Understanding Platinum Cured vs. Peroxide Cured Silicone

platinum versus peroxide cured silicone

This post was created to explain what you and your masking solutions provider (like Echo Engineering), need to know when determining what silicone to go with for your masking application. To do that, let evaluate the pros, cons, and when specifically you should choose either one

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How to Mask Bores & Bushings

Masking bores and bushing before powder coating

If you're still using masking tapes or die-cuts to mask bores or bushings, you're wasting time and money.  In this post we explore why powder coaters, e-coaters, and wet painters are switching to masking sleeves, and what it takes to make them work

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Best Masking Tapes for E-Coating

E-Coat Masking Tapes

We compiled a list of recommended tapes for e-coating to help make your selection process a little easier.  Not all tapes are going to get the job done, which is why it's critical you know which tapes work vs. which tapes are going to cause you headaches.

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