Powder Coating Hooks - Which Hook Should You Choose?

Powder Coating Hooks

Powder Coating Hooks

Need to hang something? We can hook you up! Hooks bring efficiency and accuracy to metal finishing. But when determining what hook style is best for you, knowing the benefits of standard styles may make choosing the best paint hook a bit simpler. And we’re here to assist – hook, line, and sinker!


S-Hooks have bends that face in opposite directions, making the shape a great choice for certain paint line configurations. 

You may require that a hook is secured one direction while needing your parts to face the opposite way. The S-Hook, seen above, allows for this. The shape has a wide gap, as well, which is helpful when you have numerous parts with different shapes and widths.

S style powder coating hookS style powder coating hook

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C-Hooks are beneficial if you have several different parts with varying thicknesses. 

Both the bend and the gap of a C-Hook, shown above, are wide and face the same direction. The wide width is accommodating to parts of all different shapes and sizes, making it very versatile. 

C-Hook Powder Coating Hook from EchoC-Hook Powder Coating Hook from Echo


V-Hooks are ideal if coating build-up is of concern.  

The bend of the v-hook, pictured above, comes to a single point – allowing each part that is hung to settle in the same place. The angle at which parts are painted will also remain consistent, as parts always sit in identical positions.

V style powder coating hookV style powder coating hook


CV-Hooks are a diverse offering, as they combine the benefits of both V-Hooks and C-Hooks. 

CV-hooks offer bends with two different shapes. The wide, c-shaped bend on one end is roomy and can accept parts of many different sizes, while the pointed, v-shaped bend on the other end helps to eliminate paint build-up. When working with assorted parts, this hook is handy, as you can choose which benefit is best for each respective part.


If the best hanging solution for you will be custom, or you’d like to partner with industry experts while making decisions, we'd love to chat. We’ll team up to find a hanging solution that’s efficient and perfect for your needs! Our offerings include different materials, a diamond shape, a 90° offset, and more. 

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